Micah Olson

Built by Minnesota

Micah Olson is a product of Minnesota, who’s on a mission to bring people together.

As a 6th generation Minnesotan, Micah grew up in a diverse and multiracial family, who helped shape the person he is today. The oldest of six, he developed leadership qualities at an early age. His father is a lifelong carpenter, and has owned and operated his small business for nearly 30 years. Learning the importance of being a lifelong builder, Micah would help his father with construction projects in his community. In high school, he followed in his dad’s footsteps by starting his own business – in landscaping. Starting with his neighbor, Micah had his first client mowing grass. Soon after, he provided lawn care services for over 30 houses across his neighborhood every summer while he was in high school.

Micah also comes from a long line of educators. His grandmother was a special education teacher, his grandfather was a superintendent of a school district, and his mother is a former elementary school teacher, who also homeschooled her kids while providing special needs care for two of his younger siblings. Deeply instilled in Micah is the importance of a quality education and providing that to every child should be an ideal.

Micah received his undergraduate degree from the University of Northwestern–St. Paul. Having both worked at the Minnesota State Legislature and in the nonprofit sector, Micah developed a passion for serving constituents and finding creative solutions to challenging problems. He has spent the last three years directing community engagement at a nonprofit, and has centered his career around building grassroots coalitions across the state and serving local communities.

During his free time, you can find Micah exploring Eden Prairie’s community parks, spending time with family and friends, and testing out new recipes on his Oklahoma Joe’s smoker.

Let’s build a bright future for the city of Eden Prairie.

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