Strengthen Trust

Micah on the Issues


I believe that one of our greatest challenges that our state and nation face at this moment is the failing level of trust people have in our institutions and, perhaps more importantly, between one another. People have stopped listening to each other, leading to a deterioration of trust in government and the betterment of our communities.

This is why I’m running for city council: to strengthen trust.

That’s achieved by listening to everyone, regardless of their ideology, background or creed, and it starts at the local level. We can, and must, build broad coalitions that impact and involve our community in inclusive and meaningful ways.

It’s time to forge a new kind of politics. One that always puts people first and where leaders are focused on service.

Public leaders are called to listen and make informed decisions aimed at achieving the common good. I will be a staunch advocate for keeping neighborhoods safe, advancing quality education, and growing economic opportunity. Together, we can pave a new direction and create a future for our city that we can be proud to call home.

Keeping our neighborhoods safe is priority number one for local governments. With rising crime rates and local safety concerns, we must ensure law enforcement has the resources needed to keep everyone in every community safe. It is also not simply enough to be reactive to crime, but identifying ways in which we can be proactive as well. This effort is about all of us working together to build a community of trust. My commitment to Eden Prairie residents is to be a champion for safe and welcoming neighborhoods.

At the heart of any city is a thriving business community. Eden Prairie is fortunate to have incredible businesses of all sizes and colors that call our city home. We need to ensure that we cultivate an environment for our businesses to flourish and grow, and that regulations are fair and simple, and taxes are low and unobtrusive. We have an opportunity to make Eden Prairie a beacon for bold ideas, entrepreneurship, and innovation. When folks want to start a business, their first thought should be Eden Prairie.

It is important that our government isn’t stuck in the 20th century. Our city government should be accountable, innovative and responsive. Eden Prairie residents work hard for their money and  manage their own budgets, which can be difficult in our current economic situation. That is why our local government must prioritize budgeting and governing smartly. We can’t afford projects to be mismanaged, like what happened with the Southwest Light Rail project. We can build a city government that is the envy of the rest of the state and country – together.

Let’s build a bright future for the city of Eden Prairie.

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